Do you have a strategic plan that works? Does everyone in your organization understand the direction? It’s difficult to accomplish anything without a clear plan. Whether you’re trying to capture market space, investing in new products, or leveraging your team for growth, you need a strategic plan that ensures everyone in the organization can understand and execute the plan to success. We’ll help you develop customized strategic plans and then execute them.


Use the right resources to achieve the strategic results you want. We make sure your project portfolio is aligned perfectly with your strategy. Let us help you establish an effective PMO to support the right people doing the right work. Could you use professional project managers to get your additional projects completed? COBBLESTONE CONSULTING INC augments your PMOs, in collaboration with your staff to execute project delivery.


Make sure your project execution is in alignment with your strategy. We assist organizations in improving vertical and horizontal communications – from developing organizational strategies to helping your teams to realize strategy execution.

Management & Technology Consulting

Establish a strategy that moves your company forward and ensures business success. COBBLESTONE CONSULTING INC. is an Atlanta-based consultancy with a national reputation. Our overall mission is to provide you with the optimal solution for your specific needs.

Founded in 2001, our management consulting firm serves national clients across many different sectors, including automotive aftermarket, retail, energy, higher education, and non-profit. Our customers range from Fortune 500 businesses to small business. We share the passion of results with our customers. As highly skilled professionals, we help drive organizational alignment by assisting in strategy development, strategy execution through traditional project portfolio management, and our newer service offering, Agile Strategy Execution.