Strategy Consulting

Cobblestone Consulting assists our clients in formulating customized strategies as well as developing the knowledge and requisite skills to achieve their goals. Our strategic planning services encompass the executive suite down to the department levels.

We deliver a standard framework established by the only strategy governing body in existence, the Association for Strategic Planning (ASP). Our process involves four steps:

Lead - Think - Plan - Act


As a leader in the business consulting industry, we provide the guidance you need to get started. Before spending time and energy developing a strategy, we help you assess what you have to work with. After determining your current strategic direction and management capabilities, the scope and depth of the planning effort can be defined.


Have you put enough thought into your strategic plan? It is fundamental to conduct a comprehensive environmental assessment. This is important for strategic planning. By considering your operating environment and assessing your ability to function within it, you lay the foundation for a well-built strategy.


Make your vision a reality by trusting out team to help you reach your business goals. A well-formed strategic will include successful strategies that match your organization’s ability to deliver resources and capabilities. It provides a dual focus on your long-term vision and present realities to integrate organizational, functional, and project level considerations.


Strategic planning provides a roadmap that helps you prioritize tasks and put your plans in action. At the same time, a strategic plan is far more than priorities and schedules. It is the final output of the strategy formulation process. By integrating everything to create a coherent long-range plan, you create a foundation for leading and managing your organization in the future.