Delivering results with better people, processes, and technology, our team will work closely with you to deploy best practices and framework to improve the way your organization delivers projects and maximize business impact. We bring together an array of training solutions to accentuate your workforce’s core knowledge and learning processes while reinforcing your company's vision and strategy. From a comprehensive needs assessment to deploying feature-rich applications, we excel in delivering systems that enhance productivity and have a direct impact on our customers’ bottom lines.

Laurie Bacopoulos
Founder and CEO

Laurie Bacopoulos is an accomplished leader, working with executives and teams, for over 30 years, to align business investments and technology to achieve strategic objectives. Her experience as a coach, strategist, and project manager, coupled with her entrepreneurial drive, includes strategy formulation and execution, project management, as well as technical and business solution design, process improvement and communications. As a senior consultant, Laurie provides solutions in a wide variety of industries that include private, non-profit, energy, higher education and government. 

Michelle Schoen
Instructional Designer

Michelle Schoen is a Senior eLearning and Video Associate with 20 years of experience in eLearning. Her primary focus is creating engaging eLearning, software demos, and tutorials through PowerPoint, Camtasia, and Articulate Storyline. Michelle has created over 1,000 training products and has trained over 1,000 Instructional Designers and professionals from over 50 countries to create more instructionally sound eLearning courses. She has also helped dozens of organizations worldwide build Camtasia tutorials and microvideos for their employees and/or their external customers. 

Cindy Cardoso
Sr. Solutions Associate

Cindy Cardoso is an accomplished and insightful Technology Solutions Professional executing strategic initiatives that drive client-centric innovation. For more than two decades, she has led various domestic and global teams in the successful development and delivery of creative enterprise solutions in collaborative, results-driven environments. By articulating strategic vision, Cindy generates new service offerings and techniques to solve the most difficult business challenges. She continually drives innovative ideas into market by understanding the needs and behaviors of people, processes, and systems. Her forward-thinking role within the executive team drives implementation of new programs with a customer-first approach. 

Jitendra Khatri
Tech. Project Specialist

Jitendra Khatri (JK) is a Technical Project Specialist assisting in the areas of project schedule development, management, and reporting. His strong background as a Business Analyst ensures that customer requirements are correctly collected while his experience managing projects with the Agile methodology allows for consistent approvals and on-time deliveries. JK’s technical and project management skill set acts as a bridge for which the founders, directors, clients, business developers and project managers can all understand the project goals and how to reach them. By delivering accurate and real-time reporting, JK ensures that the team is on the same page so that project status meetings can be executed in half the amount of time. 

George Timmes
Sr. Sales Executive

George Timmes is a Senior Sales Executive with passion for, and proven expertise in, sales, sales management, marketing and business development in startups to Fortune 100 companies. His leadership spans business sales organizations, strategic alliances and complex technology solutions. As a results-oriented leader, George is adept at increasing revenue, profit and shareholder value. He is a market-driven manager who builds new businesses by identifying target audiences, creating infrastructures and positioning product lines for rapid global growth. 

Megan Huffman
Executive Assistant

Megan Huffman is an Executive Assistant and Project Coordinator with a passion for design, time-management, and organization. Megan manages Learning Management System related projects and provides additional support through scheduling, departmental reports, and meeting minutes. She has an ability to interact comfortably within all levels of an organization and a drive for strong creativity, problem-solving, and communication skills. Her excellent organization, planning, technical know-how, and project management skills allow her to develop information and materials necessary for special projects, presentations, and reports.  

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