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Free Downloads

We’d love to offer you these free checklists and templates we have developed using best practices in eLearning. We use our templates to develop our eLearning courses and drive our LMS discovery sessions with clients.

eLearning Path Checklist


High-Level Course Design

Microlearning is the perfect way to deploy engaging yet effective training to a team or group of learners. Use our Microlearning Design Document to outline the course for stakeholders and include a high-level breakdown of the learning objectives, requirements, and design strategies.


eLearning Path Checklist

Customizing learning paths allows learners to pursue training goals and meet their individual needs instead of sifting through what could feel like an endless database of training. Use our eLearning Path Checklist to create targeted learning goals and objectives to fill performance gaps and begin up-skilling your team today!


Storyboard Template

Storyboarding visually compiles how your video will progress. Use our Storyboard Template to provide a customizable course breakdown for easy reference, editing, and team collaboration.


LMS Checklist

A learning management system (LMS) is an online platform to deliver training and educational courses for a premium learning experience that is accessible, affordable, and enjoyable to users. Utilize our checklist to review common questions, considerations, and requirements when picking out a LMS!

LMS Checklist

Free eLearning Templates!

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