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Our specialties include compliance training, HR training, safety training, and onboarding for automotive, hospitality, healthcare, non-profit, and other enterprise organizations.

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Introduction to Major Accounts
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NAPA Major Accounts

Company: A department of one of the largest retail aftermarket parts distribution companies in the U.S. The parent company has over 45,000 employees.

Objective: Demonstrate how your product or service helped a particular client achieve a specific goal.

Challenges: Bring older training PowerPoints back to life by developing six eLearning modules to host on their LMS and train the field to increase Major Account sales.

Solution: The Cobblestone Team worked with the SMEs to develop newly branded, interactive, and engaging Major Accounts courses within a 30 day timeline. We provided expert Instructional Design guidance, storyboards, and storyline SCORM courses.

Results: The new six module eLearning course was ready for employees to learn more about this cornerstone department. Educating the sales team on how best to identify and close Major Accounts has a direct impact on the bottom line. First, we introduced a series of customer-focused sales training programs as the foundation for their communication skills. Reps embraced it, supervisors monitored it, and additional support helped them gain mastery. Then we taught them how to initiate the discussion of another product and get the customer interested in exploring it more. Reps also got a deeper dive into their product knowledge which included competitive comparisons so they could tackle that indifference.

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Company: MapHabit provides the tools and knowledge you need to promote independence and improve quality of life for individuals and their circle of support. 

Objective: Develop interactive eLearning courses to support the overall beta program for MapHabit. The training enables care partners to have a 24/7 training to help them care for their loved one.


Challenges: As a new start-up, MapHabit needed a course that met the design requirements to engage their care partners and ensure that they understood how to take full advantage of the state-of-the-art technology available. 

Solution: Develop four eLearning modules to help Caregivers understand how to use their application to create and enforce routines for the person for which they are caring. 

Results: Modules were delivered on time and on budget. Modules consisted of a combination of interactive maps for caregivers and videos to teach them how to use the MapHabit software. The course is currently in beta testing with caregivers who have recently started caring for someone with dementia.

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CSA Microvideo


CSA Microvideo

Company: TRACS is a division of Genuine Parts Company. Their people are responsible for sales, delivery, and merchandising for their retail accounts. 

Objective: TRACS wanted to train their counter sales team on the value of recommending their application to potential customers. They needed to encourage their counter people to engage their customers in in a more persuasive discussion about TRACS. 

Challenges:  The sales team only have a few minutes between working with customers. They needed a short video that hit all the main benefits of the software. First, reps were order-takers; they gave the customer only what they asked for. Reps were reluctant to initiate a discussion of another product. They needed the confidence and skills to initiate the discussion. Second, reps needed not only more product knowledge, but also more information about how their product stacked up to the competition. 

Solution: Cobblestone created a 4-minute engaging microvideo to teach the sales team about the benefits of the product and how to effectively communicate those benefits to customers. 

Results: The client was extremely satisfied with the results of the microvideo. The sales team reported feeling more confident and knowledgeable about the product, and the client saw an increase in sales as a result of their improved communication and recommendation skills. The client has since worked with our company to develop additional microlearning videos for other areas of their business. 



Background: HotelPro partners with leading hotels to build and retain high quality, hardworking teams in housekeeping, laundry and food and beverage. They were spending too much time onboarding staff that would get hired in very small groups. 

Objectives: Create two courses that covered areas common to all new employees. Make the courses easy to update. Allow HR personnel to focus on other priorities rather than days of live onboarding for one or two new employees at a time. They need consistency in the way the material was taught to students. 

Challenges: HotelPro had limited resources to develop any eLearning programs.

Solution: We created visually appealing eLearning courses on onboarding. We also added resources that could be updated. We customized the eLearning so that it reflected their branding and provided them a template that could be used for future training. We customized training for each of the types of tasks so there would be a consistent method for training new hires. 

Results: HotelPro deployed several professional and interactive eLearning courses which provided consistent training and allowed their HR to focus on more strategic initiatives. 

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Habitat for Humanity

Company: Habitat for Humanity is a global nonprofit housing organization working in local communities across all 50 states in the U.S. and in approximately 70 countries. Habitat’s vision is of a world where everyone has a decent place to live.


Objective: Take the week long volunteer training, that was normally taught in a classroom a few times per year in specific locations, and produce eLearning that volunteers could take any time and at their own location. 


Challenges: Needed training programs that would work for all levels of volunteer experience and be interactive enough to allow proficiency with many aspects of safety. The training needed to be easy to use, grab the student’s interest and be seen as practical and down-to-earth. 


Solution: To continue to certify their building volunteers, Cobblestone converted Habitat's traditional classroom training to eLearning to keep their safety certifications current. We collaborated with the Habitat Training and Construction Department experts to design and develop a state-of-the art eLearning course that included interactivity, quizzes, and a final certification upon completion. Cobblestone utilized tried-and-true instructional design strategies through Articulate Storyline and eLearning development.  


Result: This allowed Habitat to provide their volunteers with virtual training options to safely earn their certifications to continue to build hope in their communities during COVID-19. Participants don’t fight training when it is relevant, helpful and engaging. Participants enjoyed the training better, rated the courses higher, and used the skills on the job. 



Background: The National Automotive Parts Association, also known as NAPA Auto Parts, founded in 1925, is an American retailers' cooperative distributing automotive replacement parts, accessories, and service items throughout North America. NAPA TRACS is a full-featured auto shop management system designed to increase shop profitability, efficiency, and productivity. 

Objectives: NAPA TRACS needed a centralized Learning Management System (LMS) to deliver state-of-the-art training to employees and customers. Cobblestone helped design, configure, and deploy a learning management system to drive learning through gamification. Through internal reporting, the NAPA TRACS team was able to increase the usage of their system to increase profits for their customers. 

Challenges: Training was available but needed to be organized by role and allow for reporting.

Solution: Cobblestone created a learning management strategy, including learning path development and implementation. We prioritized report development for regional managers and team leaders to stay up-to-date with their employee and customer training. 

Results: Delivered on-demand training solution available 24/7 to include gamification and reporting. 

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Pharmaceutical Company 

Company: A large pharmaceutical company that develops and produces medical tests and digital tools that provide information to help healthcare professionals find the right treatment for patients and deliver the best patient care to improve, prolong and save lives. Leads the industry in developing diagnostic products for cancer, cardiac health, infectious diseases, women’s health, and diabetes management.


Objective: Establish a project management framework, deploy a centralized system to track the project portfolio, and train Project Managers to deliver quickly while reporting real-time metrics.  Deliver dashboard reporting for project owners, stakeholders, and leadership to view the status of top KPIs and summary reports.

Challenges: When the pandemic arose, demand was essential for testing kits to be produced and delivered. 


Solution: Cobblestone leveraged our partnership with Ignatiuz, an IT and web development company that offers technology solutions, to design and implement a total Program Management (PPM) system with one-click, real-time reporting.   We deployed this centralized solution through Smartsheet, a software that offers collaboration and work management services to assign tasks, track project progress, and more. Project Portfolio Management was established to drive business decisions on project investments to stay ahead of the competition and meet the expectation of both internal and external customers.  


Result: The entire project portfolio framework was designed, developed, and deployed successfully in three months. 

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