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Our creative team works on all our projects to design a performance-enhancing deliverable that incorporates your personal branding. Our products will establish personal connections with your audience that will differentiate you from the competition.

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  • Custom branding and messaging

  • Assets optimized for any project

  • Storyboard, develop, and deploy

  • Training, sales videos, product showcase


  • Bold, branded presentations

  • Engage customers and employees

  • Produce stand-out sales collateral

  • Adhere to best practices by platform


Volunteers on Construction Site.webp

Habitat for Humanity: Building Hope

To continue to certify their building volunteers, Cobblestone converted Habitat's traditional classroom training to eLearning to keep their safety certifications current. We collaborated with the Habitat Training and Construction Department experts to design and develop a state-of-the art eLearning course that included interactivity, quizzes, and a final certification. 

Cobblestone utilized tried-and-true instructional design strategies through Articulate Storyline and eLearning development. This allowed Habitat to provide their volunteers with virtual training options to safely earn their certifications to continue to build hope in their communities during COVID-19.

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