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TalentLMS Integrations

Cobblestone Consulting is proud to partner with award-winning Learning Management System (LMS) provider, TalentLMS, to deliver a premium learning experience that’s accessible, affordable, and actually enjoyable. We will work with your company to gather requirements in order to provide a fully customized, cloud-based training platform that includes diverse options from blended learning to role-based training to gamification.

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In addition to the built-in benefits above, our LMS integrates with your company's favorite tools and apps! TalentLMS works natively with a range of helpful solutions, including Zoom, WooCommerce, and more. With Cobblestone's assistance, your team can integrate the software suited to your needs to make your employee training management smoother, faster, and easier. By popular request, TalentLMS has added ADP and Salesforce to their extensive integration list.

Learn about these latest integrations to discover exciting new ways to make the most out of your portal.

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Streamline your data flow with ADP

Minimize manual admin work and scale your training with ease. Setting up your ADP integration allows you to transfer your employees’ data between the two systems securely. Use your ADP database to create employees’ profiles on TalentLMS without losing a beat. Advanced filters allow you to select which employees should become learners on your training portal. 

Seamlessly sync profiles with Salesforce

In addition to the latest releases above, TalentLMS already includes integrations from video conferencing, CRM, and SSO to Javascript, Zapier, eCommerce, and much more. To review all their current integration offerings, please click the button below.

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