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We Need to Talk About Microlearning

Updated: Feb 26

By: Megan Huffman


The two questions we’ve been asked the most lately are: “What is microlearning?” and “Is it less expensive to develop than traditional eLearning?” Let’s take a quick look at this learning trend that’s here to stay.

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What is Microlearning?

You may have been hearing a lot about microlearning since early 2020 but aren't sure if it's right for your needs. For a quick synopsis, microlearning is an extremely popular method of delivering training that provides content in small, bite-size pieces. Learners love this approach because content is consumed quickly without disrupting their workday. Evidence supports that microlearning is one of the single most effective tools for workplace learning and performance improvement.

Is It Less Expensive Than Traditional eLearning?

The short answer is yes. The more comprehensive answer is “it depends.” First, microlearning must be a good fit for your organization’s training goals and objectives, and certain types of content should not be forced. For example, you should not teach operating industrial machinery in a 10-minute micromodule. However, microlearning could be effectively deployed as a blended solution that offers practice opportunities in spaced intervals, reinforces practical shop skills, or serves as a reference or job-aid.

"Many people associate microlearning with video, which is a common and effective form of it. Video is not, however, the only example of microlearning. Other examples include self-paced e-learning, job aids, games, podcasts, infographics, and much more."

Adapted from the Association for Talent Development

Determining if microlearning is a good match is the first step to bringing this in-demand learning technology to your users. Schedule a call with Cobblestone Consulting’s Learning & Development team to review implementation considerations, review our client portfolio, and have your microlearning questions answered. In the meantime, use the checklist below to start the microlearning conversation with your team!


Download our free Microlearning Checklist template below to get started:

Microlearning Checklist Template
Download • 90KB

Feel free to reach out to with

questions or if you'd like help filling out any of our templates!



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