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Microlearning: High-Level, High Results

Updated: Feb 26

Taking Notes During Virtual Call

Microlearning is the perfect way to deploy engaging, effective training to a team or group of learners. Microlearning is a proven approach to sharing information in bite-sized segments, encouraging better retention and engagement within your team. Additionally, it can be made available for future reference, thereby allowing learners to revisit the information as needed. For example, microlearning can support new processes or updated procedures that need to be rolled out to an entire organization or group, especially if it is a large audience and/or they’re in different locations and time zones.

"Studies have shown that people retain information better when it’s presented to them in smaller chunks over time, versus longer courses that often contain more information than hardly anyone can remember. That’s why microlearning has emerged as the top corporate learning trend."

How is this communicated to stakeholders?

A Microlearning Design Document provides a high-level outline of the course for stakeholders to reference throughout the project’s lifecycle. A typical design template provides the framework for a microlearning course and always has a breakdown of the learning objectives, requirements, and design strategies for the microlearning course.

The structure of the document can differ from organization to organization and even from project to project but customizing the document to fit your project is essential so always make sure that your document can answer the following questions for a successful rollout:

  • What is the purpose of the microlearning course?

  • What will learners know by the end of the course?

  • Who is the target audience?

  • What is the course delivery method?

  • What is the instructional design strategy?

  • What is the visual/interactive design strategy?

  • How will learners be assessed and/or monitored?

  • What is the cost and how long will the project take to complete?


Download our free Microlearning Design Document to create a high-level breakdown of the learning objectives, requirements, and design strategies:

Feel free to reach out to with

questions or if you'd like any help filling out our templates!



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