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Unleashing the Power of eLearning

Updated: Feb 26

Crafting Tailored Packages for Our Valued Clients

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Cobblestone Consulting’s number one priority is to deliver the right product to our valued customers, so we have streamlined how we estimate our eLearning and microvideo projects through easy-to-interpret packages. In a detailed discovery meeting, we will walk you through our proven process to uncover the right products for your company.

According to online research, it can take anywhere from 20 to 200 hours to create just a single hour of eLearning content. These numbers are dependent on many factors, including the time required for research, analysis, instructional design, content development, multimedia production, programming, testing, and evaluation.

Cost and production time can also vary widely depending on a number of other factors, like the complexity of the content, the instructional design approach, the level of interactivity and multimedia elements, the size of the development team, and the tools and technology used to create the lesson.

At Cobblestone Consulting, we developed a straightforward way to leverage our process improvements and our arsenal of previous projects to create cost-effective video production packages. Since most of our clients are opting for shorter courses or microvideos, we set our standard at an average of 15 minutes for an eLearning module or 5 minutes for a microvideo.

To determine development hours, an industry standard is to divide the eLearning into three levels – Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3. Each level has its own degree of interactivity, animation, and other features (although there may be some overlap). Here at Cobblestone Consulting, we refer to these levels as our Gold Package (Level 1), Platinum Package (Level 2), or Diamond Package (Level 3).

Cobblestone eLearning Package Details

Level 1 – Gold

Our Gold eLearning package is the most basic and cost-effective. We use our rapid eLearning development process to get the course out quickly and at the lowest price. These videos will mainly target beginner-level learners or those needing a basic principles refresher.

This level is often based on the client’s existing PowerPoint and does not include much interactivity or animation. We recommend this package to quickly transfer knowledge and to introduce fundamental concepts, processes, and terminology. It typically takes around 20 hours to develop a 15-minute module under our Gold package.

In summation, the Gold package includes:

  • Utilizing an existing PowerPoint or a previously recorded software tutorial

  • Quizzes with multiple choice and True/False questions

  • Simple and straightforward content organization

  • Very simple animation

  • Connecting with peers and instructors through online forums or discussion boards

Level 2 – Platinum

Our Platinum eLearning package is more interactive and engaging than the Gold courses. These videos will include additional features like scenarios and more complex multimedia elements such as videos, animations, and interactive graphics.

The target audience for our Platinum packages prioritizes intermediate-level learners who already have a basic understanding of concepts but want to advance their knowledge and skills. Although, this may not always be the case as many of our clients still want the animation and interactivity of a Platinum course for their beginner-level students.

In general, Platinum eLearning includes:

  • A deeper exploration of concepts

  • More interactive content

    • Including case studies, exercises, and group projects

  • Increased focus on the practical application of concepts

  • More animation and interaction than Gold

  • Interactive quizzes and assessments after each section

  • Multimedia content

    • Including videos, case studies, and interactive exercises

  • Access to resources such as eBooks and whitepapers

Our Platinum package takes approximately 50 to 60 hours of development time per 15 minutes of eLearning content. This includes the time required for instructional design, content development, multimedia production, programming, testing, and evaluation.

It’s important to note that creating instructionally-sound and effective eLearning lessons requires a team of experts with a range of skills, including subject matter experts, instructional designers, graphic designers, multimedia specialists, and programmers. The size and composition of the team will also impact the time required to create a lesson.

Level 3 – Diamond

Our Diamond eLearning package takes the most time. This level is often called “Immersive eLearning” because it attempts to replicate an experience where the learner will use the new skills. These scenarios often involve complex problem-solving, critical thinking, and advanced application of concepts.

These courses are advanced and are typically intended for experienced professionals or individuals who have completed Gold and Platinum courses. The target audience for Diamond-level courses are those who wish to enhance their strategic skills and/or learn complex motor skills.

Diamond-level courses include:

  • In-depth exploration of complex concepts and specialized knowledge

  • Emphasis on critical thinking and problem-solving skills

  • Advanced multimedia content

    • Including 3D modeling, virtual reality (VR), or augmented reality (AR)

  • Opportunities for learners to create their own projects and share their work with others

  • Access to specialized resources

    • Like academic journals, research papers, and industry reports

  • Multimedia content

    • Such as videos, case studies, and interactive exercises

  • Personalized coaching and feedback

What's Next?

In conclusion, Cobblestone is proud to introduce our thoughtfully curated eLearning packages that we have tailored exclusively for our clients. Between our Gold, Platinum, and Diamond courses, we have the perfect solution to meet your organization's unique needs and to elevate your team's professional growth.

Each package includes exceptional features to ensure a seamless learning experience that aligns with your company's goals. From cutting-edge interactive modules and personalized coaching sessions to in-depth analytics, our offerings are designed to drive measurable results and deliver a tangible ROI.

Now is the time to take your team's potential to new heights! We invite you to schedule an appointment with our dedicated team to explore the vast possibilities our packages can unlock for your organization. Let us walk you through the distinct benefits of each level and demonstrate how they will align with your managerial aspirations and business objectives.

Don't miss this opportunity to revolutionize your company's learning and development approach.

Book your appointment today by emailing our CEO, Laurie Bacopoulos, at or by filling out our contact form below. Together, we can embark on an exciting journey of growth and success. We look forward to partnering with you to create a brighter future for your organization!

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